Chill music download

chill music can be defined as a genre of music that is relaxing and easy to listen to. Some chillout songs are composed with vocals, while others are instrumentals, but all chill music is created with the goal of creating a calming atmosphere for listeners.
The chillout movement was a reaction against more abrasive forms of electronic dance music . It began in the early 1990s in London , England and Bristol , England . The term was first used by Andy Pemberton, a journalist at Mixmag magazine. In 1992, chill out rooms were introduced into British dance clubs where DJs played ambient -influenced chill-out lounge music videos from artists such as Andean artists from Peru Astrud Gilberto , etc., spun by chillout music DJs, such as Alfredo at Club UK The chill out sound is typified by its mellow style and relaxed atmosphere. The genre was very popular during the 1990s, especially in Britain , but grew in popularity again between 2000 and 2010 .