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In the Charts & Lists section you'll find some great new lists like the Top 10 Songs About Baseball, Most Annoying Songs and One-Hit Wonders.
In the TV Commercials section you'll find the songs heard on TV ads including...the song from the Geico "money pile ads!!!
TV Shows are where some of the best new music is being discovered. Click here for the songs you are hearing on The Hills, Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl and more!!! JUST ADDED - new shows: Melrose Place, True Blood, Glee and more!!
In The Movies is loaded with songs from classic films plus the music in recent movies like Where The Wild Things Are, The Hangover and Zombieland!
American Idol Season 8 is over now! Click here to see what the contestants sang each week, and hear the originals. The new season starts up in January 2010!!
It's all about "hooks"
Hooks are the piece of the song that is most familiar, so you can easily recognize the song. We give you the hook for nearly every song on the site...plus a link to find the best place to buy it.