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Indie Rock
Song Title
Arcade Fire Keep The Car Running
This Montreal band on Merge Records has gotten a lot of attention. One of their biggest breaks was U2 playing 'Wake Up" before they went on stage during their Vertigo Tour...which eventually led to the band opening 3 shows for them. The band even joined Bruce Springsteen on stage to play this track.
Band Of Horses
No One's Gonna Love You
Sub Pop's Band Of Horses has been labeled "dream pop" with it's blend of reverb and Southern Rock influenced guitar work. The band originally began in Seattle, but has since relocated to South Carolina. This track comes from their brilliant second album Cease To Begin.
Postcards From Italy
Beirut started as a solo project for Zach Condon, a 15 year old from Santa Fe, New Mexico. It has since become a band with a bizarre mix of instrumentation, thanks to Zach's obsession with Balkan folk music. The band is signed to Ba Da Bing! Records.
The Dears
Warm And Sunny Days
Another band out of the Canadian renaissance...their sound has been described as dark and orchestral. The band has had a revolving door with it's membership but continues on. This track comes from their 2nd release No Cities Left on the spinART label.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Spread Your Love
This San Francisco outfit has been on major labels before, but is now recording for Red Ink. Their sound is a blend of T-Rex, Velvet Underground, Love & Rockets and The Jesus & The Mary Chain. Noise Pop is one label they been tagged with. Their name comes from Marlon Brando's gang in The Wild One.
Little Dragon
This Swedish outfit was signed to British indie label Peacefrog Records. This song has been used twice on Grey's Anatomy.
The Little Ones
Like A Spoke On A Wheel
This LA band has been compared to 60's Pop bands like The Kinks, The Beach Boys and The Zombies. Their record was picked up by Branches Recording Collective.
Manchester Orchestra
I Can Feel A Hot One
This Atlanta band is signed to Favorite Gentlemen Recordings. Their debut album had the unusual title I'm Like A Like A Virgin Losing A Child.
Fujiya & Mayagi
This British band has gotten a lot of attention from the UK press and seems to have propelled them in recent years. Their influences are diverse and many. American TV viewers were the first to hear these guys on Brothers And Sisters. They are currently signed to Fulltime Hobby Records.
Postal Service
Such Great Heights
This song is mostly known from the UPS commercials tghat have been running for years now. This is actually a side project for Ben Gibbard from Death Cab For Cutie. The weird story behind their name is actually kind of ironic. Ben and his producer partner Jimmy Tamborello would send their parts back and forth thru the mail while making the album. The U.S. Postal service then threatened them with legal action for using the name. They eventually came to a settlement....and then they liscence the song to UPS...their main competitor.
The Shins
New Slang
When Natalie Portman throws her headphones on Zach Braff in Garden State and says "you gotta listen to this song, it will change your life", little did she know. It turned Garden State's soundtrack into the best selling soundtrack in recent memory. It amped up every TV show's desire to really use music on TV in a new way and of course it launched The Shins into a new statosphere as the darlings of the indie world. They have come a long way from Albuquerque.
Don't You Evah
This Austin band appeared to be on theri way to the big time in the late 90's when signed to Elektra Records. That all went south in a hurry and they have remained indie ever since, while gaining in popularity with each ensuing release. This comes from their last record Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga on Merge Records.
The Stills
Still In Love Song
What do you know? Another band from Montreal! They have produced 3 great records on the Atrs & Crafts label and have opened for Kings Of Leon as well as Paul McCartney. This track comes from their debut LP Logic Will Break Your Heart.
The Whigs
Hot Bed
These guys are on ATO, Dave Matthew's label... Dave called them the best unsigned band in America. In 2006 Rolling Stone named them one of the Top 10 bands to watch. This Georgia band sounds like an updated and cooler Smithereens.
Impossible Germany
The story of Wilco is a long and sordid one, yet interesting. They have never been afraid to go it alone. In 2002 after finishing their Yankee Foxtrot Hotel record for Reprise Records, they were told to get lost by the label. Reprise even gave the record back to the band. Wilco began streaming the record on their website, made a new deal with Nonesuch Records and Yankee went on to be their biggest selling album to date, garnerning them 2 Grammys. This song comes from their brilliant Sky Blue Sky album.

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