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Movie Songs
Song Title
Maybe Tomorrow
This song was used in the closing credits of Crash, a very strange movie about people who are "turned on" by car crashes. A very cool ending to a very weird film.
Colin Hay
I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You
Everyone talks about the scene where Natalie Portman turns Zach onto The Shins, but it's this song's haunting simplicity that really grabs you in Garden State.
Jesus & The Mary Chain
Just Like Honey
We may never know what Bill Murray whispers to Scarlett Johansen at the end of Lost In Translation, but with Jesus & The Mary Chain filling your mind, it doesn't really matter, does it?
As wacky as The Wedding Crashers was, there is actually a touching moment with Owen Wilson and it's this indie rarity that is playing in the background.
Elliott Smith
Miss Misery
The movie that put Matt Damon on the map was Good Will Hunting and it's the big 'I Get It" moment of that film where Elliott's finest moment is revealed.
Damien Rice
The Blower's Daughter
The movie Closer was certainly un-nerving at times with it's brutal dialogue, but when the story really hits home, is when this song comes on.
These Days
The Anderson brothers use music so well in their films, as is the case with this cut from The Royal Tennebaums.
Being Bad
Duplicity is the movie, very people saw it....but one of the bright spots was this cool tune.
Linda Ronstadt
The Abyss was one of the movies that made you squirm, with it's underwater scenes and claustrophobic feel. There is a great scene where this Little Feat cover song comes on the radio and the actors sing along nicely.
Maria McKee
Show Me Heaven
The movie Days Of Thunder is mostly remembered now for bringing Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman together, but it did have some good songs in it too. Lone Justice frontwoman Maria McKee shows her stuff on this one.


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