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The 80's
Song Title
The Colourfield
Pushing Up The Daises
Terry Hall left Fun Boy Three to form The Colourfield. Their first album Virgins & Philistines was diverse in style and copntained some great songs. "Pushing Up The Daises" was pop psychedlia and flawless. One of the real gems from the entire decade.
Frozen Ghost
Should I See
This was an anti-censorship song and was a minor hit in 1987. Frozen Ghost were pretty much a group named Sheriff in the early 80's, who had a few radio hits. Complicating matters slightly was that an old Sheriff song became a hit years later ("When I'm With You"), while they were Frozen Ghost.
Hard Sun
A very cool song with pulsing rhythms...recently covered by Eddie Vedder for Into The Wild.
John Hall
Former lead singer of Orleans and now congressman from New York, this song is very hard to find.
Jim Steinman
Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through
Jim was the man behind Meat Loaf's Bat Out Of Hell and finally decided to release something on his own in 1982. Strangely, this single was included as a 45 to the Bad For Good LP and became it's only hit.
World Party
All Come True
Karl Wallinger left The Waterboys to make his own record Private Revolution in 1986. Karl pretty much wrote, played and produced the entire album. "Ship Of Fools" was the hit, but "All Come True" is the masterpiece.
Thomas Dolby
I Scare Myself
What a change of space this was from the frenetic pace of his more popular songs, "Hyperactive" and "She Blinded Me With Science". This song takes you away to a nice place.
Van Stephenson
Modern Day Delilah
Van went on to form Blackhawk and have a successful Country music career. His pop-rock stuff wasn't bad either as this song will prove.
Martin Briley
Salt In My Tears
British singer-songwriter put out this slice of powerpop in 83 and it still holds up.
The Insiders
Love Like Candy
This Chicago 5-piece came on the scene in 1987. Their biggest hit was "Ghost On The Beach" but this track contains their best lyrics and hook.
Wall Of Voodoo
Far Side Of Crazy
This band is best known for "Mexican Radio" which is a bit novelty for some. After Stan Ridgeway left the band, Andy Prieboy took over vocals and this was their closest thing to a radio hit. Lyrically this is still very relevant.
Kane Gang
Nice easy going song that evokes Steely Dan. Perfect driving tune.
Sam Phillips
Holding On To The Earth
Trippy yet folky. She would go on to marry her producer T. Bone Burnett and continue releasing albums all through the 80's and 90's.
C.S. Angels
The Cutting Edge
A corporation in the US threatened leagal action if the band didn't change their name, so they were known as the C.S. Angels in the States, but Comsat Angels in the rest of the world. Robert Palmer was a big fan and helped get them signed to Island Records which put out the album that featured this track in 1986. Their sound has been described as abstract pop with spare instrumentation.
The Other Ones
We Are What We Are
This Australian band was based in Berlin, Germany and has some modest success in the late 80's. Lead singer Jayney Klimek's vocals beared a striking resemblence to Chrissy Hynde of The Pretenders which is very prevelant in this song.
The Producers
What's She Got
This new wave pop band toured with The Motels and Cheap Trick and even got some MTV videoplay, but this song was never a hit. Listening to it now, you have to wonder why not?
Honeymoon Suite
Wave Babies
"New Girl Now" was the only hit in the US off their 1984 debut, but "Wave Babies" was a hit in their home country of Canada, proving there was much more to this band than the straight ahead arena-rock sound Americans were subjected to from the band.
The Woodentops
Good Thing
This British band had an upbeat, acoustic-guitar driven sound that will remind you of Haircut 100. "Good Thing" comes from their 1986 label debut in the U.S. on Columbia Records.
Point Blank
Point Blank was a Texas band rooted in Southern Rock, but like 38 Special began to work towards a more AOR/Rock sound. This song in 1981 became their first and only Top 40 hit.


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